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Consuming units for household and commercial building

With our latest design and developed series compacted circuit breakers, DB and accessories. We could supply kinds of consuming units to be used in household and commercial building places. The products including MCB to protect thermal overload & short circuit, electronic & electro-magnetic RCCB to detect residual current for production, isolator to control power, RCBO combined MCB & RCCB function and busbar/pole cover/DB safety lock etc accessories. The specifications for circuit breakers from 1A to 63A/10mA to 300mA with 1P+N/2P/3P+N/4P works. The advantages for our circuit breakers are compacted width modular for most products, so that you could even get smaller box for same required function. Saving space, fast assembly and save more cost. All products with top class performance in worldwide range and KEMA certificated.

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